PAC-Make PM400

A must have for office, commercial and retail spaces.

Don’t waste money on expensive, non-eco-friendly bubble wrap and recycle your cardboard into instant packaging materiel.


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Product Details

A must have for your packaging needs, the compact PAC-Make equipped with a powerful cutting roller that effortlessly transforms cardboard into ideal packaging padding. This innovative device can handle cardboard of any size and has a convenient rocker switch with three settings: on, off, and reverse for easy operation and maintenance. Designed to sit on a desktop, the PAC-Make operates quietly and without vibrations, making it a perfect addition to any workspace.

Say goodbye to bulky packaging materials and hello to efficient, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Additional information

Machine Dimension

(L*W*H) 580*330*300mm





Throat width


Cutting capacity

1 layer

Perforator Speed (m/min @single sheet)


Switch type

Rocker switch (3 position REV/OFF/FWD)